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chx4-Safety Release Notes

19/10/2021 (v1.0)

  • Initial release of the app.

26/10/2021 (v1.1)

  • Client's ability to manage Sites linked to them.

30/10/2021 (v1.2)

  • Set default documents for the Client.

05/11/2021 (v1.3)

  • Document preview now possible within the app.

15/11/2021 (v1.4)

  • Check-in Information email sent to Client or Site contact.
  • Users can now be associated with multiple Clients.

10/01/2022 (v1.5)

  • Support for Equipment added. It is now possible to have visitors' check-in and review documents for equipment as well as sites.
  • Ability to filter check-in data by alert level.

22/06/2022 (v1.6)

  • Support for facial recognition scans added. It is now possible for people to enrol themselves into a site and use their face to help speed future check-ins.

06/07/2023 (v1.7)

  • Alert contacts added for equipment. Emails can be sent to a nominated email address in response to issues found during a pre-start check-in.
  • Ability to record multiple contacts against a client for sales, management, support, etc. purposes.

14/11/2023 (v1.8)

  • Client, Site, and Equipment can be renamed to whatever language best suits your needs.
  • Ability to create a new Client, Site or Equipment as a copy of an existing Client, Site or Equipment including all linked documents, content, and questions.
  • Questionnaires now support optional questions, as well as range responses, signatures, and photos.
  • New QR enabled consolidated Site page showing all Equipment at that Site in a single view.

25/11/2023 (v1.9)

  • Admin users can deep copy a client which will include all sites and equipment linked to the client being copied from.
  • Client users are now able to copy sites and equipment to create new sites and equipment.
  • Equipment supports once / day check-in.

28/04/2024 (v1.10)

  • Additional filters added to check-in monitor.
  • Client users are now able view real time check-in status.
  • Check-in forms now better handle rich text content and images as part of the form itself.