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chx4-Jobs Release Notes

08/02/2022 (v1.0)

  • Initial release of the app.

07/10/2022 (v1.1)

  • Integration with payment gateway.
  • CMS Content Import/Export.

27/01/2023 (v1.2)

  • Tenant Specific Reference Data.
  • Custom labels for Job Seekers and Businesses.
  • CMS Content Visual Designer.

03/03/2023 (v1.3)

  • Support for using ChatGPT to generate a job description.

12/05/2023 (v1.4)

  • Optional Salary for Job Details.
  • Tenant Specific Header Menu Items.

22/06/2023 (v1.5)

  • Support for third party memberships.

08/08/2023 (v1.6)

  • Improvements to CMS versioning.
  • Improvements to CMS approvals workflow.
  • Updated to use the GPT4 Language Model.
  • Custom content can now be added to Job Search results pages.

20/09/2023 (v1.7)

  • Added shortlist status.
  • Improvements to job management workflow.
  • Eligibility question configurable by tenant.

01/03/2024 (v1.8)

  • Numerous workflow improvements for Employers during the application process.
  • Support for questionnaires as part of the interview, and reference check.
  • Support for referees during the application process.
  • Support for contract documents and document signatures during the hiring process.
  • Employers can now set up a business profile and be searched for based on the contents of that profile.
  • Multiple email accounts can be linked to a single employer to support the complete hiring process.